EIFD Membership

If you are a financial manager, you are welcome to become a member of the EIFD and to participate in our activity.

What are the aims of the EIFD?

It is the most important question for all professional organisations.

Our answer is very simple:

– The EIFD membership will allow you to become part of a network of professionals from various countries and participate in events organized especially for our members.
– The Professional Development Programme will give you the knowledge necessary for solving problems in today’s business.
– Networking is paramount for your professional growth.
– Seminars and conferences held in various countries will allow our members to meet each other and the leading finance experts.


Members of the EIFD should meet the following criteria:

1. Have a relevant educational background

2. Have a relevant working experience in the financial area.

3. Undertake the Continuous Professional Development Programme.

4. Pay the membership fee.