This grade is for those who possess a Foundation Degree in Accounting or Business Management, a Higher National Diploma or other acceptable qualification at Level 4.

For those candidates without the academic qualifications, the Academy is shortly to introduce a scheme of APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning) that will be based on gathering evidence from the workplace to prove competence. This will be assessed by the Faculty Assessor against of set of standards.

This will cover: 

– Financial Reporting;
– Managerial Finance ( Management Accounting);
– Cash Management and Credit Control;
– Ethics and Business Practice.

Licentiate holders can after a period of 5 years apply for assessment for Associate status.


This grade is for graduates, who posses a BA or BSc in Accounting or Management or other Level-5 qualification.

Those without the academic qualifications will be subject to APL assessment to cover Financial Reporting, Managerial Finance, Project Appraisal, Raising Finance and Working Capital Control. 

Associates can apply for assessment for Fellowship Grade after three years.


This grade is for holders of Master Degrees, or equivalent, and have at least five years of relevant experience.

Direct Entry

Holders of an MBA or equivalent can claim direct entry at the Fellowship level. We accept members of other recognised professional bodies on an equivalent basis.

Associates or others applying for Fellowship without the academic qualifications will need to apply on the basis of APL and to collect evidence from the workplace in the following areas:

– Strategic Planning;
– Divident Policy;
– Advanced Financial Reporting ( IAS/IFRS Accounting Standards);
– Takeovers;
– Business Combinations;
– Raising Finance;
– Cashflow Management.

The APL Assessment Guide

Level Price  
Licentiate (Annual) £50.00 per Year. Select
Licentiate (5 Year one-off) £225.00 now.
Membership expires after 5 Years.
Licentiate (Lifetime) £450.00 now. Select
Associate Membership (Annual) £100.00 per Year. Select
Associate Membership (5 years one-off) £450.00 now.
Membership expires after 5 Years.
Associate Membership (Lifetime) £450.00 now. Select
Fellow Member (Annual) £150.00 per Year. Select
Fellow Member (5 years one-off) £675.00 now.
Membership expires after 5 Years.
Fellow Member (Lifetime) £1,350.00 now. Select

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