Entry Examinations

To become an EIFD member at the Associate level, the candidate would need to pass our Graduate-Level Entry Examination. It is a three-hour examination, the results can be scanned and submitted online or by email.

The applicant who successfully passes the examination can become an Associate member of the EIFD providing that his work experience meets the EIFD requirements.

The candidate should demonstrate the knowledge in the following areas of Financial Management:

  • Project Appraisal;
  • Portfolio Theory;
  • Capital Asset;
  • Pricing Model;
  • Raising Finance;
  • Working Capital Management.

The Post-Graduate Level Examination is a three-hour examination the results of which can be submitted online or by mail. This provides entry at all levels up to Fellow depending upon the number of years of experience.

The candidate should demonstrate the knowledge in the above areas plus additionally in the following areas:

  • Strategy and Value;
  • Dividend Policy;
  • Mergers;
  • Derivatives;
  • Managing Exchange-Rate Risk.

The recommended study text, which covers all these areas, is

Corporate Financial Management.
Paperback 1344 pages
Publisher: Financial Times/Prentice Hall (2005)
ISBN: 0273687263
Price: USD 111.63

The examination fee including study text is USD 200. Add USD60 if you want the book to be sent by courier. The cost excluding study text is USD100.

The examination pass mark is 50%. Candidates achieving at least 40% will get a referral, which means they can re-attempt the examination without payment of an additional fee. We will give guidance to those failing the examination and the referrals to assist them on subsequent attempts.

Flexible Fees.

Pay 50% of the fees upfront and the balance on completion of the course.