European Institute of
Financial Directors

Dr Simon Grima

The EIFD President

Dear Colleagues!

Welcome to the website of the European Institute of Financial Directors.

The profession of financial director differs from both the job of a managing director and that of an accountant, but it encompasses the responsibilities of both positions.

This is a fast developing profession. The number of financial directors grows every year and so does the need to create a professional community.

The European Institute of Financial Directors is so far the only professional organization whose aim is to popularize the profession, setting the standards of knowledge, skills, certification, and unification for the financial directors in the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other countries.

We hope that your participation in the Institute’s activities will help you to grow professionally and to make a successful career in financial management.

The EIFD Administration

Simon Grima

The President

Oleg Pavlov


Olga Popova

Office Manager